Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Tour

Roger Federer's choice of shoe, this version features the RF logo on the heel. The Lunar Vapor 8 Tour offers light weight speed with the support and stability needed to compete at the highest level. Comfortable right out of the box, the Lunar 8 Tour is ready for match day performance on the first wear. With the use of Lunarlon cushioning through the midsole, this shoe offers a responsive ride to help promote maximum court speed without sacrificing comfort. The overall fit is roomier with a lower ride through the arch support. Nike has continued the trend of keeping the fit roomier to make it more suitable to a wider variety of foot types, and we have found slightly more room here compared to the previous version. Nike's XDR outsole material in a herringbone pattern offers traction on all court surfaces. Flex grooves cut into the outsole promote faster court movement as they allow the shoe to flex with your feet. The grooves also help promote better contact between the outsole and the court surface during extreme lateral forces providing added grip when you need it most. Improved comfort and a ride that is both responsive and plush make this a dynamite update to the Vapor lineage.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adidas Adizero Feather 2011

Fernando Verdasco's shoe of choice! With a fit that hugs the feet and sleek cosmetics to match, the adiZero Feather aims to please with speed. The tongue of the shoe is made of thin synthetic leather, helping give the shoe a glove-like feel. The Extended Torsion system wraps all the way around the heel so fast cuts on the court won't be a problem. For aggressive competitors, adiTUFF on the toe and medial side of the forefoot offers plenty of protection while the adiWEAR 6 outsole will stand up to use on all court surfaces. This addition to the adidas line should please competitors looking for style and speed with some added durability. Step into a pair of the adiZero Feathers and be faster.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Head YouTek IG Speed 18x20

Novak Djokovic's racquet of choice, this one offers the advanced level player all the control needed to dominate the court with aggressive play. The tight, 18x20 string pattern combines perfectly with the 100 square inch headsize to offer control, power, spin and feel from all areas of the court. From the baseline a long fast swing results in controllable power. The stringbed offers enough bite to add heavy spin, yet the tight string pattern offers the perfect feel for controlling flat shots. At net the racquet feels fast and responsive. Control is excellent and the racquet provides all the feedback needed to help the player find his/her targets on touch shots. Serving with the Speed 18x20 results in easy access to both pace and spin thanks to the racquet's maneuverable feel. All in all this is an impressive from Head and a great update to the Speed line.

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Babolat Propulse 3 Red Roddick

The third time truly is the charm for this third version of the venerable Propulse from Babolat. Andy Roddick's shoe of choice the Propulse 3 provides the support, stability, traction and fast feel required by the game's elite. Checking all the performance boxes, the Propulse 3 is the perfect choice for the player looking to maximize court speed. Babolat's 3-point support system locks the player's foot securely from the heel through the midfoot. Upper durability is increased without sacrificing comfort thanks to the Cell Shield material. With a glove like fit and a responsive ride, this one has a firm footing in the elite tier of performance shoe.

2011 Nike Courtballistec 3.3

The shoe of choice for Rafael Nadal, the Air Max Courtballistec 3.3, brings a new level of support, durability and speed to the court. This version of the Air Court Ballistec 3.3 tennis shoe features the Rafa Bull logo at the heel. Nadal has been known to put a hole through the upper of a shoe in one match, with this shoe Nike have improved upper durability with the beefed up Drag-On 2x material. Key areas on the medial side of the upper feature added durability, protecting the shoe when the player slides during aggressive lateral lunges. Lunarlon returns to offer comfortable yet low-profile cushioning in the forefoot while Max Air takes the sting out of tough landings in the heel. Built around an all-new last, this shoe is the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate blend of comfort, performance and durability